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The Umpqua Trapper
2000- present

Table of Contents
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


Volume Article Title Author
36-1 On to Oregon "The Easy Way" - Putnam Family Margie Brown
36-1 There Ain't No Flies on Me - Agnes Pitchford Helen Jane Clarke
36-1 The Wimberly Cemetery Laverne West
36-2 Scottsburg. Winter of 1861-62 William M. Barber
36-3 Roseburg's Kohlltagen Building Michelle Dennis
36-3 George Kohlltagen Victoria Hokanson
36-3 The Commercial Club Recycled Lloyd King
36-4 Years with the United States Forest Service Eldon McLaughlin
37 -1 The Old Soldiers Home  
37-1 A History of the Oregon State Soldiers Home E. A. (Ted) Post
37-1 The End of the Old Soldiers Home  
37- 2 From the Journal of Saphronia Brown  
37-3 An Informational History of the Roseburg BLM District Jim Hart
37-4 Willis Creek Cemetery ElInora Young
37-4 Oregon Politician is Historical Enigma: Lane Douglas Card
37 -4 Joseph Lane 200th Birthday Commemoration Douglas Card
38-1 Scottsburg William M. Barber
38-1 Scottsburg, Land of the Giants William M. Barber
38-2 Back Home - Dixonville 1930's Raymond W. Marr
38-3 Women in the West Robert L. Casebeer
38-4 Douglas County Farmer's Co-operative Stuart Kammerman
38-4 U.S.S. Umpqua  
not indexed yet    
40-1 Excerpts from the Diary of Marcus L. Moore
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40-2 Excerpts from the Diary of Marcus L. Moore  
40-3 Untitled Poem  
  Excerpts from the Diary of Marcus L. Moore
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40-4 Excerpts from the Diary of Marcus L. Moore  
41-1 Excerpts from the Diary of Marcus L. Moore
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41-4 Cyrus W. Hedden (click for sample article) William M. Barber
41-4 Port Orford Expedition  
41-4 The Battle of Battle Rock - Oregon 1851
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42-2 "The Story of Dillard"  #1
Stories by Sherley Clayton
Sherley Clayton
42-3 "The Story of Dillard"  #2
Stories by Sherley Clayton
Sherley Clayton
42-4 The Life and Times of General Joseph Lane Sister M. Margaret Jean Kelly., M.A.
43-1 The Life and Times of General Joseph Lane Sister M. Margaret Jean Kelly., M.A.
43-2 Mary Mildred Kanipe Lois Eagleton
43-3 The Steamer Washington
Queen of the Umpqua River
William Barber
43-3 A Tribute to Norma Strader Hatfield  
43-4 The Beginning, The Middle, And The End
A Brief History of a Second Lieutenant and the 81st Fighter Group and the 91st Fighter Squadron, World War II
Lawrence J. Sharp, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
44-1 Hebe: The Saga of a Statue Diane Wieker & Becky Sorensen
44-2 The Good Old Days Hugh F. Pearson & Elmer F. Pearson
44-4 Stories of Douglas County Ken D. Patton, Leverett Richards, Dell Combs, Don Good,
45-1 Stories of Douglas County
1. State Marks 75th Anniversary of Admission
2. The First Telephone in Douglas County
3. The Telephone Explosion
4. Saved by A Typewriter
5. Paul Sims, Typewriter Artist
6. Violence in Roseburg
7. The Ku Klux Klan
Clayton V. Bernhard,  Don Good, Ray Sims
45-2 Stories of Douglas County
  1. A Very Special Time
  2. A Centennial Dawning in Oregon's Sesquicentennial
  3. Coos Bay Military Wagon Road
  4. 1927 Coos Bay Military Wagon Road
  5. Have Horsemen Ever Raced a Southern Pacific Passenger Train from Eugene to Roseburg?
  6. "Rules of the Road" for horse-drawn vehicles in 1875
  7. Oregon Road Maintenance
  8. Grey Home In The West
Tom Dillard, Emily Blakely
Steve Wood, Eric Wilson
Don Good, Viola Hawkins


45-3 Stories of Douglas County
  1. The Umpqua Academy in Wilber
  2. A long walk to Roseburg, especially in the 1930's.
  3. Building the United States Post Office Federal Building, 1915
  4. Douglas County Economy before the Great Depression of 1929
  5. A Dirge for THE MILLTOWN
  6. Poem: Cold and Silent
  7. Music: Welcome to the Umpqua Valley
  8. Western Union
Ray O. Sims, Don Good, Betty L. Klopp, James G. Fuller, Ron Bolt, Able Mantle
45-4 1.A History of Umpqua Dairy
2.  Histories Happenings
3. Code for the Smaller Community
4. Modest Dances
5. Tight Slacks Strike
6. "Abbreviated" Swimwear
7. New Odessa
8. Mirror, Mirror
Compiled by Ray O. Sims,  Pat Sullivan & Phyllis Feldkamp. Includes artilces from Roseburg's Chamber of Commerce's "Land of Umpqua", Don Good.

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