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The Umpqua Trapper

The Umpqua Trapper

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Volume Article Title Author
1990 Mistletoe Hill Ranch – James Sheffield Vicki Bean Cooper
26-1 ; 2 Wright, Jessie Memories of Norma Strader Hatfield
26-3 Tourist Inn in Oakland, Or. Gertrude Adams Gordon
26-3 100th Anniversary Dedication of Elkton Jerry Winterbotham
26-3 Captain Hathaway Doris Haines Bacon
26-4 Winchester Dam Lavola Bakken
26-4 Wilson, Hannah Dickenson Gillan 1832-1919
27 -I Our Families of Dillard, Or Virginia Buell Laurance
27-1 Class of ’29 Roseburg, Or.  Norma Strader Hatfield
27 -1 The Family of Bert Joseph Laurance Rudy Laurance Wetzel
27-2; 3 Do You Remember When Henry V. Weber
27 -4 Phantom Road Canyonville – Fort Klamath Doris Bacon
28-1 Floyd Capwell Frear 1888 – 1963 Ella Mae Young
28-1 William Ledgerwood 1833 – 1900 Merle Weekly
28-2 Henry J. Denn & Lena Wingen Denn Annabel Denn Wiles
28-3 Memories Ruby Laurance Wetzel
28-3 Camping at Cavitt Creek Henry Weber
28-3 Harriet Brown Adkinson 1858 – 1959 Leona Johnson
28-4 The Great Migration of 1843
28-4 Ledgerwood Family in the Meat Business Merle Ledgerwood Weekly
28-4 Camas Valley School Notes 1926-28
28-4 Basketball Introduced in Camas Valley 1905 Margie Brown
28-4  James Merveille Arrington
29-1 Pioneer Award, 1993, Jesse Applegate
29-1 Shoestring and Elkhead Valleys
29-2 West Family of The Umpqua
29-3 Hebard Family of Hubbard Creek Kenneth & Barbara Hebard
29-4 Organizing Douglas County Jerry Winterbotham
29-4 Gurette dit Dumont, Alexandre Doris Bacon
29-4 Martin, Colonel William J. Fairfax Martin Roberts
29-4 Scott, Levi Doris Bacon
29-4 Sutherlin, Fendel Matt Anderson
29-4 Lane, General Joseph Leona Johnson
29-4 Moore, Edwin Marshal Doris Bacon
29-4 Drain, Charles Doris Bacon
29-4 Ward, Frazier & Mary Ann (Flournoy) Norma Strader Hatfield
29-4 Rose, Aaron Doris Bacon
29-4 Hamilton, Salathiel Helen Jane Clarke
30-1 New Community 12 Miles West of Melrose
30-1  Meriwether Lewis Walker Smith
30-1 The Callahan Connection Ross Myers
30-1 Callahan Addendum Lois Wright Thomas
30-2 Edenbower to the Coast Margaret Morgan
30-2 Clam Digging Irl Binder
30-2 My Trip to Portland Dora E. Gammon
30-3 Hurry Doctor! It’s an Emergency George C. Knott M.D.
30-4 Return to “Then” Charles L. Beckley
30-4 Harvesting Prunes in Douglas County  LaVerne Murphy
31-1 Hurry Doctor! It’s an Emergency George C. Knott M.D.
31-1 Woman on the Roof Gertrude Adams Gordon
31- 2 The Laurelwood Historic District Marianne Kadas
31-3 The Middies& Skirts Era at Roseburg HS Mary Ellen Darby Fetter
31-3 Campfire Girls Never Chew Gum
31-3 The Great Cattle Drive of 1922 Neal Brown
31-4 Growing Up: A Boy in Sutherlin 1916-1935 Donald M. Ross
31-4 The Saga of the Callahan Road Joe Morgan
32-1 Browns of Camas Valley Margie Brown
32-1 Hamburgers Discovered 1927  Margie Brown
32-1 Grain Harvest In Douglas County LaVerne Murphy
32-2 The Hartin and Flournoy Families Virginia Hartin McKay
32-2 Further Flournoy Memories Norma Shrader Hatfield
32-2 Douglas County Libraries – Early Efforts Helen Jane Clarke
32-3 Ellen Burt’s Diary 1852-1853
32-4 A Story of Elgarose Pat Holmquist Getretsen
32-4 Work for the Night is Coming Margie Brown
32-4 Jesse Applegate Home Gertrude Fay Puhlam
33-1 Stories of Loon Lake Ray Sims
33-1 Forest Fires on Douglas-Coos County Border Ray Sims
33-2 Banks and Banking in Douglas County Irene Zenev
33-3 Right for the Wrong Reasons Ray Doerner
33-4 The “Oregon Style” of Journalism George Abdill
1998 The Story of French Settlement and Melrose Crystal Fenn Conn
34-1 The Browns of Dixonville Norma Strader Hatfield
34-1 Umpqua County Store LaVerne Murphy
34-2 Roseburg – Then and Now Thomas, Wilson, Clarke
34-3 Some Reflections from Levi Scott William M. Barber
34-3 Camas Valley Red Cross
34-4 Scottsburg Housing Project 1945-1953 William M. Barber
35-1 First Presbyterian Church of Roseburg – A History
35-2 A Very Special Time – School Days Tom Dillard
35-2 Life in Dixonville Between 1910-30 Linda Duval
35-3 Scottsburg and the Military Road William M. Barber
35-3 Pride and Prejudice – Greek Workers 1905 Viola Wilborn Lewis
35-4 1921 School Days 1934 LaVerne Murphy
35-4 The Bounty Hunter Welcome Combs

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