1965-1969 Umpqua Trapper Index

The Umpqua Trapper

The Umpqua Trapper

Table of Contents

Volume Article Title Author
1-1,2;3; 4 & 2-1; 2; 3 Fur Trade on the Umpqua Dr. V. J. Anderson
1-1 Cole, James Pioneer Doctor Maude E. Cole
1-1 Flood on the Umpqua 1861 Rolstyn D. Bridges
1-1 Rochester Grist Mill A. Louis Eggleton
1-2 Covered R.R. Bridge at West Fork
1-2 Hatfield, Captain Job George B. Abdill
1-2 Life in Douglas County 1858 John Franklin Sutherlin
1-3 The Twin Bridges of Oakland Rolstyn D. Bridges
1-3 Palmer, Peter Parker George b. Abdill
1-3 Life in Douglas County 1858 John Franklin Sutherlin
1-4 Boswell Springs -Pioneer Spa
1-4 New Odessa – Russian Colony George B. Abdill
1-4, & 2-1; 2; 3 Williams, L. L., Pathfinder George B. Abdill
2-1 The Three R’s – Lone Rock School
2-1 The Silver Horde of the Umpqua H. F. Pearson
2-1 New Odessa – Russian Colony George B. Abdill
2-1 LaFramboise, Michel
2-2 The Silver Horde of the Umpqua H. F. Pearson
2-2 Drain to the Sea – Oregon Western Rail George B. Abdill
2-3 Gagnier, Jean Baptiste
2-3 Weaver, Hans Jr. Ora Weaver Carter
2-3 Dixon, Tom George B. Abdill
2-4 Pariseau, Pierre Harriet D. Munnick
2-4 Gilbert, J. L. Pioneer Educator Helen Ruth Montague
2-4 Journey to the Past William Strader
2-4 South Umpqua River Railroad Bridge
3-1 Journey to the Past William Strader
3-1 The Day the Balloon Came Down Rolstyn D. Bridges
3-1 The Deer Creek Lynching Dr. V. J. Anderson
3-1;2 The Mills of Elkton Iri Binder
3-2 Fort Umpqua Marker Dedicated
3-2 Tales of the Lower Umpqua David L. Stearns
3-2 The Deer Creek Lynching – Addenda
3-2; 3 Stagecoach Days in Douglas County Blanche Burnett Elliot
3-3 Shine on Harvest Moon George B. Abdill
3-4 Sterns, Daniel W. Oregon Argonaut Rolstyn D. Bridges
3-4 Whitsett, J.J. Indian War Veteran Lavola Bakken
3-4 Hall, John Ora Weaver Carter
3-4 Tragedy on the Umpqua – Minter, Charles Harold Avery Minter
4-1 Elk Creek Bridge George B. Abdill
4-1 Hide Hunters George B. Abdill
4-1 China Sam Eddie Kohlhagen
4-1; 2 Tragedy on the Trail – Thompson George B. Abdill
4-2 Dyer, Moses True, Pioneer Sawmill Man Ora Weaver Carter
4-2 Belieus, The Birth of the Cora Belieu Busch
4-2 Applegate, Jesse and Honest Abe
4-3 Section Lines & Dough Gods Ray L. Stout
4-3 Home the Hard Way Thompson
4-3; 4 Giants of North Myrtle – China Ditch Lavola Bakken
4-4 Father of Oregon State College George B. Abdill
4-4 The Poet wit the Shooting Iron Wilfred Brown
4-4, & 5-1 Hill, William G. Adventures of
5-1 An Oakland Gallery of Pictures
5-2 Douglas County Album of Pictures
5-3 Scenes & Incidents of Oregon Territory Frank Leslie’s Newspaper
5-3 Gardiner That Was Georgina Durbin
5-4 Battle at Rice’s Cabin
5-4, & 6-1 From the Umpqua to Tce`l-u Lavola Bakken

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