Anonymous Donor Gives

Big New$ here in Ro$eburg  

An anonymous couple donated $500 to the Douglas County Historical Society. We here at the historical society are very thankful for the donation.   Of course this goes directly into our operating fund.  So, this is more of the much needed funds needed to restore and renovate the front porch of the Floed-Lane House. 

We here at the society invite you to match this donation if you are so inclined.  There are so many things that needed to bring this old House Musuem up into the space age.  Technology is needed to bring accessions into the digital age.  The ‘paper’ database is on yellowed, and very brittle paper.  Photos need to be taken of each and every object.  Scans need to be made of documents and photos.  

We have restoration projects that are in desperate need of funding.  One of Polly’s dresses really does need sent off to experts to be restored.  It is a great old dress and Polly wore to one of General Joseph Lane’s swearing’s in.  

You can specify just how your money is to be spent.  Write on your check: “Polly’s dress” or “database upgrade”.  If you need an idea just write the webmaster for other project ideas.

If you are considering end of the year donations please keep our organization in mind. Remember that we are a 503(c) registered non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  Help us to maintain the Floed-Lane House and along with all the treasures within its walls.   One hundred percent of your donation goes into the Floed-Lane House.
This is a 100% volunteer organization.  Not one cent goes to salaries. 

Please consider giving!

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A Message from the Vice President

Despite being closed for nine moths due to the hwy 138 construction,we had great turnout at the Floed-Lane house. Our annual Christmas open house has been going on for over forty years and still the beat goes on. I’d like to thank my fellow board members for all the help and pitching in to make it a success again. Plus the members at large who help with decorations and the special displays this year, making cookies,  etc.  The Christmas Story and our opening prayer was full of gratitude for our blessings and hope for a new year full of historical growth. We plan on opening after first of the year. We plan to be open again, regularly every weekend 1-4pm, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Toby (Bates) played the 1860 melodeon.  We only play it once a yr. It is quite an instrument and Toby makes it sing beautifully. We had professional piano tuner from Roseburg, come tune the 1870s, square grand piano….it hasn’t been tuned in many many yrs. It held it tune (mostly). Our friend Nick Stephens play several piano pieces.  Of which we all enjoyed.  Susie Puckett, member of Cow Creek band of Umpqua, blessed us with her playing us her beautiful wooden flute.  Our newest friends came all the way from Oakland OR. The Oakland singers really woke up the house and us with their dynamic, moving ,and fun a cappella show. There were 10 in the group. It was so fun and at the end they led us in a nice public caroling to close the day. Thank you Oakland Singers.and Thank you Conni Riley for steering us in the right direction and we hope to do some project together sometime.

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Please go to our website Douglas County Historical Society to see what’s happening.  Jan we start asking g everyone to join us to help keep the house open.  Memberships to our society is $25.00 per year you get four issues of the Umpqua Trapper, along with notices of our quarterly luncheons with interesting speakers who talk about topics from around the county.  You will be helping keep this treasure of a house open.  If you want to volunteer there is always things that you can do to help. From volunteer time in the yard, there are many things to do. some new docents are needed , especially on Saturdays.

Thanks again, we will look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Gwen Bates -Vice President DC Historical Society

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