The Eddy & Speake Families & Their Legacy: Clarence E. Eddy

Note: This page is meant to be in addition to the 2014, Spring Hunt Umpqua Trapper. It is an updated and revised source list with links to anything that can be found via internet.



Clarence E. Eddy, the "Poet Prospector"

Clarence E. Eddy, the “Poet Prospector”




There were many Poet Prospector’s in Clarence’s time, but only two were notable one was Hannibal “Seven Devils” Johnson, and the other was Clarence E. Eddy.  Clarence changed history where ever he went.  He was a noted metals miner, an editor of newspapers and journals, a writer of some exquisite American poetry about the west.  He wrote songs, he lived his life, he left some documentation – Herein are links to some of that.

The Clarence Eddy Bar

The Clarence Eddy Bar

The following is a list of sources used in researching this article.  When completed, the links will link to websites, publications, documents, and pdf versions old documents, newspapers, etc.


Websites – Various family trees & documents used for this research. -various memorials used for this research.

Bureau of Land Management [Land Patent Records] [China Ditch History]

Oregon State Parks [PDF of Nomination of China Ditch on North Myrtle Creek for National Register of Historic Places, i.e. Sale of property from TB & Sophia Speake for China Ditch. As written by Historian, Stephen Dow Beckham]

Part of the record!

Part of the record!






City of Myrtle Creek [PDF City 1990-2000 Comprehensive Plan includes history, i.e. Lazarus Wright]

Oregon Archaeological Services 

History of the South Beach, A Brief History of Westport; by Ruth McCausland

National Park Service -various histories of mining areas in the Pacific North West

Washington State Digital Archives

University of Washington, Digital Collections

Idaho Songs Project –Meet Gary Eller

Mountain West Digital Library – found marriage records here.

 Nevada’s Womens History Project – It lists one of Clarence E. Eddy’s song, and calls him the “Poet Prospector of Nevada”

Idaho Humanities Council –Meet Gary Eller

Oregon Historical Records Index, Digital Collection

Back Country History Project

Descendants of Johannis Speake

Oregon State Hospital Museum Project

The Legend of Israel Fisk Eddy

More about Eddy Family


The Umpqua Trapper, Spring 2012 Issue. By Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder

Death Valley and the Amargosa, By Richard E. Lingenfelter, pages 275, 291,

Postcards from the State of Jefferson, By Gail L. Fiorini-Jenner, Bernita L. Tickner

The Doctor in Oregon. Larsell, Olaf., Portland, Oregon Historical Society, 1947, 557.

Persons Buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon; Who Were Sent Over From Dr. Hawthorne’s Insane Asylum from 1867–1879, By Connie Lenzen, CG [Document]

The Pinnacle of Parnassus, Eddy, Clarence E., 1902 [Free Google Ebook]
The House of Hell; The Ballad of Blackfoot,  Eddy, Clarence E., 1909 [Free Google Ebook]
The Burros Bray; A Book of ‘Pomes, Eddy, Clarence E., 1922
Ballads of Heaven and Hell, Eddy,Clarence E., 1923 [Free at]

The Burro’s Bray, Eller, P Gary, Idaho Songs Project, 2012
The House of Hell; A Ballad of Blackfoot., Eller, P Gary, Idaho Songs Project, 2012
The Pinnacle of Parnassus., Eller P Gary., Idaho Songs Project, 2012
Ballads of Heaven and Hell., Eller, P Gary, Idaho Songs Project, 2012

1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Federal Census Records from several areas, Including: Douglas County, Myrtle Creek, Page 6

1860 Federal Census, Nebraska

1860 Federal Census, Nebraska

1860 Federal Census, Missouri, TB Speake Family

1860 Federal Census, Missouri, TB Speake Family

1910 Federal Census

1910 Federal Census. Showing George W. Speake in Whitman County, WA. His son, Oswald Speake is just a few houses down the road!







Correspondence; Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder &  P. Gary Eller, 2010 –  2014

1892 Tacoma City Directory ~ Portland City Directory ~ Salt Lake City Directory

Commitment Record of Emmaline Speake Eddy, #327, Oregon Historical Records Index.

Estate & Probate papers of George Washington Speake, Josephine County, Oregon

Guardianship records of Ralph, Henry, and Florence Beane, State of Oregon Historical Records Index.

Adoption records of Clarence E. Eddy, Oregon Historical Records Index

Probate records of James H. Beane, Douglas County Court House, Roseburg, Oregon [Info]

A note received from James H. Beane's estate by Emma Speake Beane

A note received from James H. Beane’s estate by Emma Speake Beane







Marriage, Birth, Death Certificates, Marriage Returns, and Marriage Licenses. [, State Archives, University Archives, etc]

Clarence E Eddy / Juanita Garson Marriage Return

Clarence E Eddy / Juanita Garson Marriage Return

Clarence & Juanita's marriage certificate

Clarence & Juanita’s marriage certificate

Marriage Certificate of Matthew T. Eddy, Sr and Emily Blake
Marriage Certificate of
Matthew T. Eddy, Sr and
Emily Blake


Elko Daily Free Press [11-15-1952] [11-17-1952]
-Concerning Ralph W. Beane

11-15-1952 elko daily free press

11-15-1952 elko daily free press

11-17-1952 elko daily free press

Elko Daily Free Press






Twin Falls Times (Idaho) Monday, July 01, 1918, page 7 [Twin Falls Anthem – Clarence’s Anthem “Hail Thee, Idaho” on the lower right of the page.]

Medford Mail Tribune (Medford, OR.) 1909-1989, November 04, 1909, Page 4
[Medford   Mail Tribune]

East Oregonian, Pendleton, Umatilla County, OR. October 24, 1908, Page 4
Daily East Oregonian Pendleton Or Oct 24 1908

The Daily Alta, San Francisco, California, 1886-1892 (various issues  concerning the murder of Matthew T. Eddy, Sr. and the trial of the accused.)
Harry Huff Sentence Affirmed Daily Alta California March 31 1887
Huff Shot Eddy Daily Alta January 22 1886
Huff Pardoned Daily Alta June 18 1890

The San Francisco Call, 1886-1892 (various issues mostly concerning the murder of Matthew T. Eddy, Sr. and the trial of the accused.)
Eddy writes poem for fellow poet The San Francisco Call Feb 25 1906 Pg 27
Harry Huffs Will San Francisco Call July 14 1904
San Francisco Call, Volume 101, Number 177, 26 May 1907  page 23

The San Francisco Bulletin, January 22,1886
Eddy, Matthew, 1886-01-22, SF Bulletin

The Daily-Union (San Francisco), January 21, 1886

The Morning Oregonian, October 13, 1903
The Morning  Oregonian Oct 13 1903

The Roseburg Plaindealer, January 12, 1903
Roseburg Plaindealer January 12, 1903

The Challis Messenger
The Salt Lake Tribune
The New York Times, April 18, 1912
The Los Angeles Herald
Goodwins Weekly, September 3,1903, Page 12



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