A Few Marriages & Funerals in 1902/1903

One of our members found some old correspondence.  Unfortunately, it is not complete.  But what is left does list a few marriages and funerals, that we will list here for your perusal.

The lady who provided the information was Hester Geraldine Searl nee Lester.

Geraldine Lester Searl (known as Hester Geraldine Lester while in Roseburg) was the daughter of James Newton Lester who was an early pastor in the Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ).  Sometime prior to her death in 1978, she was going through her father’s books and sent to Douglas County Historical Society correspondence about his records pertaining to his job as the local Disciple’s Church in Roseburg. 

Family View Report for James Newton Lester, in PDF format,
based on about 3 hours research by the webmaster.

Rev James N Lester marriages & funerals, in PDF format, marriages & funerals in Roseburg in 1902/1903 performed by the Reverend.