Spring 2016

Springtime in Douglas County seems to be bursting at the seams!
Today while watching the construction guys deconstruct some of our front yard here at the Floed-Lane House our Secretary took a few photos of spring.  She figured she’d share with you.  May you find delight!

(Click on the smaller images to see the image in a bigger format.)


Have we mentioned our street address ever? Just in case you want to visit, maybe print this one up? Our street address is 544 SE Douglas St. Roseburg, Oregon. Please stop by!


Oh hey, a macro shot. Historical brick! These brick have been here nearly as long as the house!


The Gloria Mundi Apple Tree is waking up for the season. Obviously, it’s in full swing of setting fruit for this years crop.


The home next door and to the west of the Floed-Lane house was once owned by Simon Lane, one of General Lane’s & wife, Polly’s son. This tree is actually in the backyard of that home. It was just too beautiful to resist!

Mock Orange 01

A Mock Orange here in the front yard is in several stages of bloom. This photo shows buds.

Mock Orange 02

Mock Orange flowering.

Ignore the bug, and enjoy the beautiful pink flower! 🙂

purple lilac 1

An old purple lilac in the back yard.

purple lilac 2

Closer up of that purple lilac

We are watching.

Well, we were watching them deconstruct part of our front yard. Watched our little locust tree be removed. It was really sad to see it go.

white lilac

A white lilac in the side yard actually competes with the Gloria Mundi for space. It makes awful pretty flowers.

Right up next too the house is this fella. Its filled with tons of little white snow balls (flowers).

A close up.

All photos by Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder
copyright 2016 Douglas County Historical Society
Do not copy in any form without express written permission from society.