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BARGE/CULVER: My grandparents, Bertha Culver and Carl Henry Barge, moved with their respective families to Sutherlin in 1915. My grandmother was from England and my grandfather from Minnesota. They  married in Sutherlin in 1916. I have much information about these two families and the happenings in this little town through the 1940s  and invite communication with me at

BOOTH – I am just beginning to collect material on my family. I am a descendent of Robert Booth. I know that he lived in Douglas County for much of his life. Any information you could send me would be much appreciated.

Mary Trumpener,

BUSENBARK – Looking for historical information about my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was David Naylor Busenbark, who was Douglas County judge in the 1940′s. My grandmother was Mabel DUNCAN Busenbark. Great-grandparents were John and Carrie Busenbark. The sons (Royce, Tence, and David) lived with their families and their parents on a farm at Melrose from about 1910 until their deaths in the 1960-’70s.

Any information you can send me will be appreciated. Thank you.
Contact: Janice Sams,

 Buell & Rice, see Laurance.

BURCHARD – Looking for information on Gardner Burchard who lived at Scottsburg, his father was Ephraim Burchard.  Any possible information on a connection between the Burchard family and president Rutherford B. Hayes, who was said to have visited his cousins in Scottsburg. Thanks, Linda Parris

Caldwell – My great grandmother, Sarah Anne Caldwell and her daughter Mary Delia Caldwell lived in Yoncalla from about 1905 until their deaths in 1921 and 1929 respectively. In one of the obituary notices there is mention of a family plot at the Yoncalla cemetery.

Sarah Anne Caldwell (then Sarah Anne McKinney) arrived in Oregon with her family in 1848. I have her recollections of that trip as transcribed by her daughter around 1920 and retyped by another family member sometime after 1946.

I am interested in locating information about the history of Yoncalla during this period.

Dick Caldwell, Coupeville WA,

CLINTON 1910 Circus: I am looking for information about a traveling circus that was in Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon? My grandfather, John Clinton, is with this circus. I have looked through the Indiana Circus, and only the famous acts, performers are listed.  He was born in Terre Haute and ran away from home to join a traveling circus about age 10 in 1898.  I had thought they were just stories until I found him with many companions in this census.

Charlie Runner




GORDON – Sue GORDON is researching the GORDON , MERK, & RICHARDS families.  You can contact her here:

GRAHAM, JAMES and his wife Catherine MCCARTHY also came to Gardiner from Brooklyn, NY by boat with John and Maggie GRILLS.  Catherine was a sister to Maggie.  James was born in Hanover, Germany and Catherine was also Irish.  James and Catherine’s son, James Graham his wife Minnie SODERBERG were river pilots for many years on the Umpqua River. I’m willing to share information, photos and memories.

Contact:  Mary Ystad Curran

, JOHN- Looking for connection to John GRILLS and his wife Maggie May MCCARTHY who traveled by boat from Brooklyn, NY to Gardiner in 1869 to Gardiner, OR.  They crossed the Isthmus of Panama rather than sailing around the Horn.  John was a veteran in Antwerp, Belgium and was a veteran of the Civil War Navy.  Maggie was Irish and came to Brooklyn in the 1850′s.  Besides Gardiner, John and Maggie lived in Roseburg, Oakland, Marshfield, Salem and Portland.  John is buried in Salem and Maggie is buried in Roseburg.  I’m willing to share information, photos and memories.
Contact:  Mary Ystad Curran

HANSON – Hello I am looking for descents of Ina Sophie Hanson Sanders.  She is descendant of Peter and Jensine Hanson.  Jensine was sister to Henry Olson who was my great grandfather. He settled in Douglas county as a child of 6 months in 1871.  Descendants have moved away but May have contact with some of them.Looking for surnames Hanson; Howard, Axel, Philip, and Hans; Selma Larson; Stella Michaelson; LeRoy Sanders, Willard Sanders, Marley Siverson, and Karen Barrett.
Bobbie Olson, 6514106535, Roseville, MN


KEARNEY – My Grandfather and Grandmother and their three boys where there in 7/27/1892 when their third son was born Thomas Francis Kearney.  David S. Kearney – Juella Francis Kearney – Fred and Alpheus.  Something happened to David after that and Juella and the three boys go back to Arkansas in 1895.  It is a mystery.  Don’t know if he died or just abandoned and moved on.  Is there anything in your records of their presence ?  Thomas’s death certificate indicates that he was born there.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Sylvia

KREBS – My mother Charlotte Rose Krebs-Schafer was born in Gardiner, August 19, 1935.  Do you have any information on her family.  Grandparents Harry and Rose Krebs.  They moved to Loon Lake when my mother was very young.  She was the youngest daughter of 9 children. She is still living.  Greg Everist

LANCASTER – See McKinney

LANE –  Eugene LANE is the great grandson of General LANE. I am doing a family tree for my children and I am in search of more information about my granddad’s Father, Marvin Ratliff LANE and Marvin’s grandfather Ratliff Boone LANE (1825-1849), Ratliff was 3rd born to General LANE and lived a very short life. Any info would be wonderful. Thanks so much,

Laurance, Buell, Rice families plus more. Always interested in connecting with family members.

LONG -(John Long Family) – I am looking for photo’s of John James Long and his wife Sarah “Sallie” Applegate, daughter of Jesse Applegate, Henry Clay Long and his wife Flora Applegate also a daughter of Jesse Applegate.  Also looking for the Long family bible records of John Long 1810-1890 who married Minerva Smith 1829-1908 from Yoncalla, Oregon.  Any Long family history would be appreciated.
Contact: Patti Gordon


Leatherwoods in Oakland, OR
Goodmans in Oakland, OR
Ray in Roseburg, OR
Simkins in Roseburg, OR
My grandmother was the daughter of Seborn Leatherwood living in Oakland.

Thank you,
Bill Turner
181 Webb Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
707 578-4873


I am collecting information on where the Loomis family lived and went to what school in the Roseburg, Wilbur, Winchester area. My grandfather George Loomis mother Minnie D. Hill Loomis died shortly after the birth of his sister Minnie Lea Loomis in 1891. I know he went to Wilbur Academy till graduation in 8th grade in 1902. I am trying to find out where he lived and with who during that time as I can not confirm his dad William M Loomis stayed in the area as he (William) eventually moved to Idaho at some point. George’s sister married Quincy Brown and George’s aunt Ela Hill married O. C. Brown. Bianca Reed Hill was George’s grandmother, and the family’s covered wagon she was born is in 1850 on Barlow Rd coming across the country is at the Lane County museum.  Mildred Brown Herman was my Dad Jim Loomis’s cousin.

Thank you.  Dave Loomis



McKINNEY – See Caldwell

MADANTZ – I hope you can help. I am looking for historical record of Frederick Madantz in Douglas County. This gentleman would be my great grandmother’s brother. Her name was Augusta and she was married to John Stevens. If there is a written history of any of these individual? How would I go about getting a copy of it?
Karen Balogh, , 14708 E. Eistrup Road, Elk, WA 99009

MCKINNEY – Searching for my family’s history in Roseburg, Oregon Paternal= Mckinney and Maternal = Lancaster.  Thank you, Michelle McKinney

MERK – Sue GORDON is researching the GORDON , MERK, & RICHARDS families.  You can contact her here:

MERRITT – I am inquiring about the Charles Merritt (wife Mable Wilson Merritt) family.  Their daughter married John Neil Redmond, of Harverd Idaho who’s family also lived in Cottage Grove Oregon.  Would appreciate any information on either family line. Please email to: (Note: Cottage Grove is in Lane County, Oregon)

MICELLI – Hi, I am researching the Micelli family who lived in Roseburg, Oregon. I understand that they were brick makers, and that in particular Frank G. Micelli was an attorney. I am particularly interested in Frank’s parents, who were my gg grandparents.  Thank you, Barbara Powers

MILLER – We have some family history of William G. Miller, but any more would be great. Samuel Miller (former Douglas County Sheriff) was married to Sara Dillard and we have some information, but not as much as we would like.  Thank you, Shelley Miller

MORRISI am looking for a death date for Henry C Morris b. 1853. The last information I have for him is a 1920 census from Happy Valley, Douglas Oregon he is about 67 at the time of that census. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Robin Brent

MOTT  – BARBARA ELIZABETH MOTT born 6/30/1890 in Roseburg. Her mother SARAH J PERKINS DOB 11/2/1871 in Missouri. Her father JEREMIAH LINCOLN MOTT DOB 1862 or 1864 . She had a brother WILLIAM ALFRED MOTT DOB 3/14/1888..any info on the MOTT family would be appreciated.  Jeremiah seems to disappear.  I’m hitting the brick wall. Thank you so much, Terri taylor

MURPHY, MICHAEL was a Doctor born in Ireland.  He came to Oregon by 1880 and practiced in Coos and Douglas Counties.  He is buried in Coos Bay, OR.  I’m willing to share information, photos and memories.  Contact:  Mary Ystad Curran

MURPHY, G. E. – Information on G. E. MURPHY who owned a Homestead on the Smith River in Douglas county. There is a Grave Stone located on the property that has Three individuals listed. Two died in 1890, a daughter and a son died within one week of each other. Agness MURPHY and Marko MURPHY. The Mother was Cathrine MURPHY who died in 1900. It is a very nice engraved Headstone. The Father’s name is G.E. MURPHY. i am looking for information on him and if there are death certificates on him or any of the others.

Contact: J GRABOW

ODEN – I am seeking information about Jacob Norris ODEN and Sarah FINE ODEN who lived in Douglas County in 1880′s.  My information tells me that Jacob died in May of 1885 and that Sarah died in January of 1885 in Roseburg. Their oldest son Thomas Fine ODEN died there in March of 1901. If anyone has any information on the ODEN’s I would love to hear from them.  I would like some information regarding the Douglas County Cemeteries. Thanks so much for any assistance you might give me.  Sincerely, Patty Cole

OLSON – See Hanson

Ray – see Leatherwood

 Rice, see Laurance.

RICHARDS – Sue GORDON is researching the GORDON , MERK, & RICHARDS families.  You can contact her here:

SANDERS – See Hanson


1.) We are interested in the life of Levi SCOTT, founder of Scottsburg, Oregon.  Please send any information you have.  Thank you for any help you can give us in our quest.  Sincerely, Linda Smith

Contact: Linda Smith

2.) I am the 7th G-grandson of Levi Scott, from his son William J.J. Scott. seeking as much information about the entire Scott family as possible.

Thank you, George Potter.   Contact me at POTTERGnL@YAHOO.COM

Simkins – See Leatherwood

SMITH Looking for any information on Bernard Plitzer Smith (1823-1882), his wife Susan Dickinson Smith or his sons Henry Augustus Smith (1856-1916), William B. Smith (? – ? – 1860 – 1922) particularly during the time they had a ranch north of Myrtle Creek, Oregon (1866-1889)

Contact:  Al Helgeson 15892 Old Hwy 99 South, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457 541-863-5541




Terry Family – I am researching my grandfather’s death in May of 1959.  John David Terry.  Any information or ideas on where to research are appreciated. Kate Bowers

TRIPP- Looking for the family of HARVEY DONALD TRIPP died July 15, 2004 in Clackamas, Oregon.  Harvey and his brother Charlie Tripp worked  and lived in Roseburg, Oregon at one time.  I have in my possession family photos of this TRIPP family going back to the 1800′s.  I want to get them back to a family member.

TUGEL – I’m interested in finding information about my father, Aage R. Tugel who was a logger for a time near Roseburg during the 30’s.  Howard R. Tugel   Yoncalla, OR

WELKER – My grandparents were Albert Leroy and Clara May Welker. They lived in Roseburg in the 50’s and moved to Gold Hill in the late 50’s. My great grandparents Samuel and Anna Welker lived in Roseburg in the 40’s and are buried in Roseburg. I know at one time Samuel worked at the post office. Sherri Williams-Krozel 

WESTENHISER – I am looking for information on the Charles L WESTENHISER family from Red Hill, Roseburg and Yoncalla, b 1830, d 1905 in Red Hill.  He married Sarah LONG in 1865 in Douglas County.  I would like stories and history on the family.  Sarah Elizabeth LONG was the daughter of John LONG and Mineva Jane SMITH. I know Sarah’s parents were early pioneer settlers of the Yoncalla area, but don’t know anything about Charles.  When he came to the area and what he did for a living.  I would like to know history of the Red Hill School, when it was build, how long it was used as a school, and about a school teacher named Mary Alice Richards WESTENHISER.  You can reach Patti GORDON here:

WILLIS-Any information about a “William Walter WILLIS“, born in Iowa around 1886, lived in California in 1920 (based on the 1920 census), then moved to a “log cabin” sometime around the mid 1920′s to an area near the settlement of Peck, located along Cow Creek, west of Riddle.  My former mother-in-law visited this uncle, William Willis, sometime around the late 1920′s, at his log cabin.  She, her mother and several aunts, drove in a Model T from So. CA. to Grants Pass, OR. then got on the train and headed north ” a short distance.”  She said her uncle had to “wave down the train’ for it to stop, they got off and walked to his cabin….she remembered a “river” that they swam and bathed in (Cow Creek I guess) and that the cabin was up above the river, and the train track.
Would there be any way to find out where that cabin might have been…my husband and I just took a drive today along the scenic Cow Creek, and it seems that most of the area along Cow Creek has fairly steep canyon walls – not much flat land….  Any information or leads would be appreciated!  Thank you!
Linda Colton, 107 Eden Dr., Grants Pass, OR  97526, 541-474-6391,   email:

WELLS – Looking for information on Henry Wells.   Tim Wells


I’m looking for information on Charles Louis Westenhiser, 1830-1905,  who lived in the Yoncalla/Roseburg  area abt. 1858-1905.  Charles came to Oregon by way of the Atlantic Ocean crossing the Isthmus, and took a vessel to San Francisco, then coming to Oregon in abt 1858. He married Sarah Elizabeth Long, 1845-1939.  I know Charles was born in New York according to a census, and his father came from Switzerland.  Any information, stories, photo’s would be appreciated.  Mainly trying to identify who his parents are.

Patti Gordon

WINDERS – I’m looking for information on John Winders born 1834 in Iowa Married Lovina Badcock about 1870 moved to California and then to Canyonville, Oregon where Katharine Winders was born 1875. I need the place in Iowa that he was born in and his fathers name.

Charles Bennett email:



Looking for Margarie and Frank Bernard was living in Gardiner, Oregon in 1978.  That is the last know place I have for them.  The only other info I have is that they have a son Greg.  Margarie was born in 1942.  Any info would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

Ben Worden