The Douglas County Historical Society was formed in 1953.  It was formed to protect and preserve the historical records, artifacts and buildings in Douglas County which were important in the building of our country and in the lives of the people who lived here.

The heritage of Douglas County belongs to all of us as well as to the future generations whom we wish to engage with about our County.  The only way we can ensure that those later generations will receive this rich inheritance is by preserving artifacts and engaging the younger folks now.

Current Officers:

President:  Ken Deatherage
Vice-President:  Dale Greenley
Treasurer:  Carol Dudley
Secretary:  Cynthia Rockney Wilson


Don’t forget you can visit The Floed-Lane  House
544 SE Douglas Ave., Roseburg, Oregon
Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm

Saturdays by appointment: 541-672-4386


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  1. Nancy E Van Schoiack (Rapp) says:

    I have the memoirs of my step-grandfather William Riley Vinson. As I understand it parts of it were published in the Trapper.
    My question is how was this obtained by your group and who gave permission for its use.
    The reason behind this is I would like to publish all of it and since there is no copyright I do not want to be in any trouble.
    I am not going to profit from it as it will be in the “Trees From the Grove” our twice yearly periodical printed by Cottage Grove Genealogical Society.
    Part of “Uncle Billies” wifes family lived up here and at Lorane. There really is hardly any mention of her family in this and none at all of my grandmother.
    I have pictures to go along with the story. Let me know what you think. This book was handed to my grandmother and then her daughter, Gladys Wilson and then to her son Dewey Wilson. After he died it went from his widow Gloria to my brother Phil Rapp and he sent it to me.

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