New Grants


     The Douglas County Historical Society has been chosen to be recipients of two grants from the Oregon State Preservation office, which is under Oregon State Parks and Recreation  Department.
     Today it was announced that we will be awarded the Preserving Oregon grant and the Oregon Museum Grant.
     The Preserving Oregon grant will be for the full amount allowed, around 20K.  It will be used to fix the front porches which are in a very poor state.  It will also be used for a new paint job for the whole house.  The society still needs to raise another $16, 000 for these jobs.  We welcome donations of any kind!
     The Museum Grant is for about $6,000.  It will be used to install a new heating and cooling system that will protect the artifacts in the museum from extremes in temperature in the heat and cold. 
     Douglas County Historical Society needs to thank a lot of people and organizations for this happening.  Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham gave a talk where proceeds went towards the Floed-Lane House last year.  This talk was hosted by the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians.  They provided everything for the talk—advertising, food, drinks, a room, lodging for Mr. Beckham.  They also had their contractors assess the state of the Floed-Lane House so we would know where to start with repairs, etc. Limb Walker tree service also did some in-kind tree work for us.  Without these services, and donations from the community we would not have been able to match these grants would have precluded us from even filling out an application.
     We still need help, we still need to fundraise. But, today, we have the necessary funds to start the projects.

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