The Exploratory Phase Has Begun

The exploratory phase has begun.

The first phase, the exploratory phase of the restoration of the house museum, the Floed-Lane House in Roseburg has begun. Right now, Mr. Treiger, our restoration expert is exploring the porch es and foundation and all around the house. He then write up a report that tells us just what is going on. So now, the upstairs porch is on solid ground. They’ve put in temporary footers, screwed these massive screws into them, then attached the support beams to those, and the support beams are holding up the upstairs. The good news is, even if they don’t finish tomorrow, which is the plan, we can still open the house up for tours starting Saturday if we want to. I learned a lot today talking to Mr. Trieger. Our rain spouts that go down to the ground are not sending the water away from the house properly. The foundation of the house is mostly sand stone…the water from spouts is washing the dirt away from the house, and he can see settling in the rock. The very front of the house (not the porch) may not be on foundation at all, which was common at the time it was built. The foundation went up front and around the porch. The proper skirting is mostly gone. The dentile (a kind of decoration) is starting to come apart because it was never painted enough. Turns out we must be aggressive about painting. Painting should be done every couple of years so that the paint seals out the weather and keeps it that way. I have homework to do. If any of you want to drive by and see what is going on, the museum is on the corner of Douglas & Pine, behind Oregon Tool, and on the other side of the railroad track!

Mr. Jay Trieger and son have begun phase one of of the restoration process.

The Floed-Lane House is on the corner of Douglas & Pine St. in Roseburg.

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