Our speaker was Mr. Chuck Jackson of the Umpqua Band of Cow Creek Indians. Mr. Jackson spoke about his mother, grandmother and whole family.  He spoke of local Native American life along with the Cow Creek’s people’s talents and his grandmothers annual trek of enlightenment and spiritualism.  Included in the photos are images of artifacts from Mr. Jackson’s private collection. He graciously brought to share with the members of the society. Mr. Jackson did a fantastic job as a speaker that day, he fielded questions very well as well as the many wonderful and thoughtful questions from members.

Mr. Jackson runs his own private museum in the town of Drew, where you can see these artifacts in person.  From Canyonville, turn east on Highway 227 and travel approximately 29 miles. Named for deceased resident Robert Drew. The Drew Museum once served as Tison School, which was built around 1906. In 1968, Mr. Jackson dismantled the building and moved it 2.5 miles to his property, where he successfully reassembled the log structure. The town also offers a general store and scenic views for travelers heading to South Umpqua Falls.

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