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News Release

January 12, 2017

Yesterday afternoon new elections were held at the Annex of the Douglas County Historical Society.  Officers voted on were President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  The new President of the society is Peggy Rowe-Snyder who was secretary previously.  Gwen Bates is continuing on as Vice President.  Roxana Grant was voted in as Secretary.  

The new President has hope that the society can move into 2017 and beyond by entering the technology age, by having accessions taken from the ‘paper database’ and placed into a digital one that is backed up to the cloud.  She also hopes to raise enough funds to have Polly Lane’s dress (that is currently on display) sent in for restoration.  Other dreams are a new roof, and paint job for the Floed-Lane House.  Lastly, we need to build a cover for a wagon that made the trip from Independence, Missouri to Independence, Oregon for the Oregon Centennial.  This is a wagon we will be proud to display but we need materials and volunteers to help us get this done. 

The President wishes the public to know that we are a 501(c )3 registered nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  All proceeds go directly to these goals and more as it is a 100% volunteer organization.  We’ve recently received a fairly large donation. The donors wish to remain anonymous, but we’d still like them to know how much we appreciate your gift!  Thank you!!

We’d like to thank Limbwalker Tree Service, LLC for their donation of time and equipment to get our old walnut tree taken care of properly and for the help in taking out a lilac as we move ahead in our yard decoration project.

And for a wrap up of 2016, we must say thank you the Umpqua Tribe of Cow Creek Indians, and Mr. Stephen Dow Beckham for hosting a fund raiser this year.  Dr. Beckham was our featured speaker.  The tribe also had one of their contractors inspect the Floed-Lane house to give us an idea where work is needed and not needed.  We so much appreciated their help.

Please watch the newspaper for the coming announcement of our next luncheon meeting in March.  Mrs. Janet Fisher will be the featured speaker.  Mrs. Fisher is author of “A Place of Her Own” and “The Shifting Minds.”  Both are stories about women during pioneer times in Oregon. The first is based on a true story, and the other is a historical novel.

We will be opening the Floed-Lane House as the first phase of restoration work should be finished sometime this coming week.  Mr. Jay Trieger and his son are both restoration experts that were very positively referred to us by the Oregon State Preservation Office.  We are happy to meet him, and to work with him to get the ‘old’ house back up to snuff!  We look forward to opening the house on weekends and for specially arranged tours.   If you’d like a specially arranged tour call the President at: 541-391-5649.  

We should also thank, Teresa Clemons at the City of Roseburg for helping us with the goal of getting some pass through grants.  She’s been working on our behalf, and we are forever thankful!

Miss PeggyAnn, the doll that is going to be raffled off in December.

For 2017 we have an ongoing raffle to help raise funds for the restoration of the Floed-Lane House.  We are currently raffling a restored reproduction-made in Germany mold of #1894 by Armand Marseille, circa 189-.  She is PeggyAnn, and she is a 17” doll who has a human hair wig. Her bonnet is 1 3/4 yards antique lace.  She has shoes, and socks.  Her doll slip is vintage organdy.  She wears a vintage fine lawn dress and cotton pinafore.  Her friend is TeddyBear.  Her body is 4 ball jointed porcelain.  In every way she is like an antique doll.  Doll is worth approximately $385.00.  Tickets are $7 each or seven for $20. The drawing will be held in December during our annual Christmas Tea event.  If interested in buying raffle tickets please use contact number or email provided in this piece, or speak to any board member.  Proceeds will benefit the restoration project of the Floed-Lane House.  We thank Mrs. Linda Tipton of Umpqua for her beautiful donation of Miss PeggyAnn for this raffle.  If you’d like to see PeggyAnn she is on display at the Floed-Lane House.  If your business might be interested in displaying Miss PeggyAnn for us please use contacts provided in this piece.

 We are also looking for volunteers from the area.  There are a great many things that people can do to help the society meet their mission to safe guard the Floed-Lane House and all the historical artifacts within its walls.   If interested in volunteering please call the above number or email:

 Thank you much, Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder, President
Douglas County Historical Society
544 SE Douglas Ave.
P.O. Box 2534
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

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The exploratory phase has begun.

The first phase, the exploratory phase of the restoration of the house museum, the Floed-Lane House in Roseburg has begun. Right now, Mr. Treiger, our restoration expert is exploring the porch es and foundation and all around the house. He then write up a report that tells us just what is going on. So now, the upstairs porch is on solid ground. They’ve put in temporary footers, screwed these massive screws into them, then attached the support beams to those, and the support beams are holding up the upstairs. The good news is, even if they don’t finish tomorrow, which is the plan, we can still open the house up for tours starting Saturday if we want to. I learned a lot today talking to Mr. Trieger. Our rain spouts that go down to the ground are not sending the water away from the house properly. The foundation of the house is mostly sand stone…the water from spouts is washing the dirt away from the house, and he can see settling in the rock. The very front of the house (not the porch) may not be on foundation at all, which was common at the time it was built. The foundation went up front and around the porch. The proper skirting is mostly gone. The dentile (a kind of decoration) is starting to come apart because it was never painted enough. Turns out we must be aggressive about painting. Painting should be done every couple of years so that the paint seals out the weather and keeps it that way. I have homework to do. If any of you want to drive by and see what is going on, the museum is on the corner of Douglas & Pine, behind Oregon Tool, and on the other side of the railroad track!

Mr. Jay Trieger and son have begun phase one of of the restoration process.

The Floed-Lane House is on the corner of Douglas & Pine St. in Roseburg.

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